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In recent years the popularity of dietary supplements in the United States has grown exponentially. Studies show the percentage of people who use dietary supplements is fairly even across all age groups. The reasons why people take dietary supplements include increased energy, gut health, support for a balanced diet, better sleep, and achieving overall better health.

VIVA Wellness works exclusively with a brand of pharmaceutical grade supplements only offered through healthcare offices. You cannot find these high quality supplements in your local drugstore or health food outlet.

Our nurse practitioner can meet with you and learn about your individual health goals. After that she can customize supplement recommendations for specific needs such as:

  • General health, health optimization, longevity
  • Gut health, medical-grade probiotics
  • Stress support
  • Cognitive, mind, or mood support
  • Metabolism, weight loss
  • Anti-inflammatory, pain management

In addition to pharmaceutical grade supplements, we also offer nutritional counseling and can develop an overall nutritional health plan for you. If you are interested in learning more about how supplements can support your overall health and wellness, schedule a consultation with us today.

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VIVA Wellness helps people become the best possible version of themselves through custom medical weight-loss plans and pain management as well as offering vitamin injections, supplements, and CBD.

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From custom weight-loss plans including nutrition counseling, traditional medical weight-loss, and hCG therapies to vitamin injections, supplements and CBD, VIVA Wellness will help you improve your health and well being.

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