Occipital Nerve Block

Migrain and Pain Management | VIVA Wellness | Milwaukee WI Chronic migraine headaches can often be relieved by a procedure called an Occipital Nerve Block. Migraine headaches can be absolutely debilitating to those who have them. VIVA Wellness offers the Occipital Nerve Block procedure as a component of our pain management services.

What is an Occipital Nerve Block Treatment?

Similar to Trigger Point Injections, In an occipital nerve block procedure, our nurse practitioner will inject a numbing medication called lidocaine near the back of your skull to numb the occipital nerves which frequently contribute to migraine pain. This is a quick, low-risk pain management procedure and patients typically feel immediate relief post-procedure.

Our nurse practitioner meets each of our patients to learn about their pain management issues. Following the initial consultation, she will design a plan to help you alleviate your pain and get back to your life.

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