How To Cure A Hangover ASAP



Isn’t it interesting, that one of the most searched phrases on the internet is “How To Cure A Hangover ASAP!?” You know the old wive’s tales: the hair of the dog technique encourages you to get more alcohol in your system, while others recommend pounding a Pedialyte® when you wake up. Today, more people than ever before are choosing to use a “hangover drip” for fast, effective relief.

You’re Going To Put What In My Arm?

The “hangover drip,” as it’s affectionately called, is an IV infusion therapy that must be administered by a licensed professional. By customizing your hydrating concoction of vitamins, minerals, anti-nausea medication, and non-narcotic pain medication, I can re-hydrate your body, while decreasing the severity of your hangover symptoms. By administering this nourishment through an IV drip, the good stuff goes directly into your blood stream. This provides faster, more effective relief. And, not to worry, if you’ve ever given blood, this will hurt less. Just a pinch while I insert the IV, then you can chill in my infusion room, read magazines, or watch TV for the next hour!

How To Cure A Hangover Before It Even Happens


Better than “how to cure a hangover ASAP” is “how to avoid a hangover all-together!”Although the hangover drip works great for “day after” situations, many of my patients schedule a session for the night BEFORE the party starts. It’s the perfect time to boost your hydration, which can help lessen your hangover, or not get hung-over at all! This method is extremely popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding day infusions, New Year’s Eve, class reunions, or any other time you and your crew plan to indulge heavily!

More Ways To Benefit From The Recovery Drip


Here at Viva Wellness, my specially formulated “hangover drip” is called The Recovery Drip, because it works for so many people in need of hydration! The basis of this IV infusion treatment is to help you become hydrated again. Certain medications can act as a diuretic, leaving you dehydrated. Also, stress or a poor diet (not enough fruits and veggies!) can leave your body’s water levels depleted. And finally, if you’re killing it with workouts and sweating a lot, you could benefit from The Recovery Drip.

So, next time you’re laying on the couch with a pounding headache after a night on the town, and you google “How to cure a hangover, ASAP,” give us a call! We’re eager to share the incredible effects of our IV Infusions with you. Better yet, if you have a special event coming up, schedule an appointment ahead of time.

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