hCG Weight Loss: A Case Study

When it comes to weight loss, I get a lot of questions about hCG. This 12-week program can be an incredible experience for the right candidates. Below, you’ll see two very different case-studies of this system. Both got great results.

Heidi’s “Why”: Sugar and Carb Addiction

Heidi started exploring the idea of hCG weight loss because she wanted to wean herself off of sugar and carbs and re-set her system. Also, she was interested in identifying foods and food triggers that held her back from feeling her best. She was in a position to lose 20-30 pounds, and was looking for some help. Heidi underwent the hCG program from December 8, 2017 through March 3, 2018. In her own words, “I would recommend this plan for anyone who has struggled to lose that last 20 pounds. But, only do it if you’re committed to the strict guidelines. I waited until I was fully committed.”

Starting hCG Weight Loss

At the beginning of her weight loss program, Heidi shared that she was a sugar junkie, and was only sleeping about 4 hours per night (not soundly). Now, she is off of the sugar, and is sleeping 7.5 to 8 hours per night, with much better quality. Many people worry about sticking to the strict diet. Here’s what Heidi has to say:

“One of the biggest things that helped me do well is that I didn’t cheat AT ALL. I trusted Jennifer, and followed her instructions. It wasn’t easy at first, but after the first week I had a routine, and I was starting to lose weight. I set up a section of my kitchen with the supplies I needed, like a food scale and tea rack with Stevia. It made everything easier. I was surprised to learn how many foods and supplements have hidden sugar. As I got farther into the program, I really wasn’t hungry! Some days I’d have to force myself to eat the 500 calories. I learned a lot about portions.”

A Successful Journey

Heidi says, “Jen is very attentive and gave me all of the time I felt I needed. When I ended my 40 days of injections and began the maintenance program, we spent a lot of time going over which foods were working for me, and which weren’t. I’ve learned to enjoy foods in their more natural state. One of the first things I noticed after finishing this weight loss program was how clean I felt. I don’t have problems with my gut health like I did before.”

If you’ve got 20-30 pounds that you just can’t seem to shed, hCG might be for you. Check out my Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About hCG Weight Loss if you’d like to dive a little deeper. Or, schedule a free consultation by calling 262-420-8022.

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